Where you at…

Posted by mmmshado on July 25, 2006

How pretentious would it be to start an entry with a quote by Proust? Perhaps too pretentious thus no Proustian quotes today.. sorry. I thought “Where you at?” would be much more appropriate. Colloquialisms should be embraced and used for effect. Ok- this is not a language blog. Let’s get to the knitting.

 Ahh yes, the knitting! Last night as I was packing away my knitting for the evening, I was wondering where I’m at. I don’t have many FOs under my belt nor lots of UFOs floating around either. None of that. Someone could actually or vicariously walk in my room (although that’s a whole different set of challenges) and be under the impression that I’m not working on anything at all and that I might be a verbal knitter- where I talk about it but never actually put the needles in my hand.

So where you at?

 I’m in the experimental/ try it then frog it stage. In the past few weeks, I’ve taught myself Magic Loop, ssk (and looking forward to trying these: Left Slanting Decreases.)

And last night I had the best time doing this:

 Turkish Cast On via Magic Loop

I would keep on trying until it felt right- maybe about 2 or 3 tries until I had it working beautifully and I was creating something that resembled a toe. I figured I could keep on working increases and make some sort of beginning of a sock. But as the night weaned on and I set my alarm for 5:30am once again, I knew it wasn’t going anywhere so I just broke the yarn and admired at a mini-toe, something that only fit around one of my toes (I only cast on about 4 or 5 stitches). It was the first time doing the Turkish Cast on and M1R that I’ll need for a toe up sock pattern. I like the accomplishment and confidence that a new technique gives me.

In the past, I actually reached a point in my knitting where I was ready to just buy big needles and make projects that could be finished quickly and was resolved to work hundreds of scarves in simple seed stitch. That was maybe 2 months ago which considering I’ve only been knitting for 3 months says how quickly I’ve gone through stages that take some people years to get out of. Well what happened? I guess that’s for another entry. But something did happen.

I understand the race to FOs but as a beginning knitter and someone who aspires to writing his own patterns, I find it necessary to see the broad scope of technique rather than focusing on “sweater A” or “shawl B”. I still have FOs as a goal for the future. Heck, if I could do Knucks right now on magic loop, I would be throwing myself into it but I need more practice. If I had to summarize where my joie de vivre in knitting comes now, it would be in the process of shaping garments or even thinking of using techniques in non-traditional ways.

Now what?

I find myself on a path of sock knitting- not necessarily socks that I’m wanting to make at this point but I’m fascinated how they’re shaped and constructed. Watching socks being constructed to me is perhaps a close 2nd to seeing a seamless sweater take shape on a circular needle (again something that I’m trying to imagine on magic loop since I mainly work on small items.)

So that’s where I’m at. 3 months into this new world of knitting. Before I forget, I want to give a VERY big Thank You to the woman who taught me, none other than Alison of “the blue blog”, and instilled a confidence in me that I wish all beginning knitters had.

Hmm, where will I be in 6 months?


One Response to “Where you at…”

  1. sean said

    The Turkish Cast-On is new to me! But how wonderful.

    Like I’ve said before, what great enthusiasm you have. It’s infectious!

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