Kayne Watching

Posted by mmmshado on July 27, 2006

Well Sean is doing it- so I should at least put in my few words of comment on last night’s Project Runway. Except for now on, I shall entitle these posts Kayne Watching because I’m really starting to be impressed with what he does each week plus he’s fun to watch.

I’m just noticing how much the little details make an outfit shine- something I’m sure he’s had quite a bit of practice with. Mainly the lining of the jacket, the choice of sunglasses for the model, and all accessories. I thought they made his story much more believable and fleshed out. He really creates an outfit and a persona for the person he’s designing for. Some people embrace a narrative in their work- whereas I was a bit surprised to find out that Robert in contrast does not embrace that style of thinking. He’s probably shying away from being the Nick V and dressing up Paris Hilton in many different situations. It just might be working

Actually, speaking of Nick V, in many ways his outfit reminded me of Nick V’s Barbie dress from last season- which was a hit if you take a look at the doll on ebay, it’s still selling for a good amount (if you can find it!). But it has Kayne’s special touch.

Of course he felt he could go over the top if he wanted to with that beautiful invisible but fashion forward immunity necklace he was wearing. Clearly the shirt he wore to the runway show should be the Immunity Shirt. I can just imagine everyone having to look just a little bit ridiculous in celebration of their win.  But despite immunity Tim gave much high praise to Kayne in Tim’s Take this morning- to both the dress and to the outfit for his poodle, Molly.

 Next week- a much more detailed version of Kayne watching I promise.


One Response to “Kayne Watching”

  1. sean said

    interesting point you make re: Nick V’s barbie dress. NOW I realize why that outfit looked familiar, right down to the headband. I just watched the preview to next week. I think they’re designing a stewardess outfit! In TEAMS.

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