Kayne Watching: He’s Relentless! (spoiler)

Posted by mmmshado on August 3, 2006

Well, everyone will be blogging about the big news today of the big boot auf. But, can we get some major appreciation to my object of observation- Mr. Kayne G? Apparently the Atlas apartments at Project Runway have a resident whistle-blower and he comes in the shape of a Midwest Pageant-wear designer. Being the one who noticed the pattern-making books in the apartment, Kayne did, in my opinion, the right thing and informed the producers of this contraband. Ok, can I say his name now?

Keith is gone!! Now of course strategically this is a good move for moving Kayne towards the end with his main competition so far being Robert and Keith. I’m sure Kayne felt some sadness about doing this but rules are there for a reason and we can all thank him for proving the integrity of the show.

 Now on to the fun stuff. Is it me or should there be a competition to name the hair color that Kayne has? In my opinion, it might actually be time for Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to jump in with Agent Orange. But someone has to have something better. Me, I’m still working on it and will then proceed to dye some yarn in his likeness.

As many will know, the designers were split up into groups for a three piece challenge for INC and Macy’s this week. Kayne made his love of color explicit- again, he didn’t need to say anything about loving color with that hair but bringing it back to his Southern roots is always necessary. But the teams were set and Kayne was without a team leader position. Nope, it came down to Robert, Bonnie, Keith, and Angela.

Yes, Angela.

But we found the soft side of Kayne who really showed an interest in the potential of Angela

Kayne: “She hasn’t had an opportunity to show off her great talent yet”

What a great guy to watch huh? I have to say that it’s a rare occurrence on Project Runway to really compliment the other designers and see their potential. At Kayne Watching, compassion and appreciation are always accepted and applauded. Though his whistle-blowing stole the show, this comment would be the under-appreciated Kayne moment of the episode.

As far as teams, I’m guessing no one was surprised that Robert and Kayne were together- but the addition of Vincent added the nice little kick of Over The Top-ness needed to complete the group.

Then everything went down. The whistles blew, the Tim entered, the Keith “I didn’t use them” excuses flew, and the Gunn fired him. Straight out of the apartment, possession is the law. And while Keith might have escaped the world of Atlas to search for yarn p*o*rn on Flickr- it’s highly doubtful. Though it was said once on the show, it’s worth being repeated.

“Don’t you see how you brought this upon yourself?”

Another highlight of this episode for us Kayne Watchers would be the Convertible Hair- top up and top down at will. I’m telling you that Kayne just might have a switch somewhere that he can change the style and height of his hair on demand. It’s really a piece of work to be admired. Personally each style should have Kayne in some distinct personality a la Jekyll and Mr Hyde or more importantly, Zulema and Chetange (sp?).

The clothes were made, the judges deliberated, and unfortunately Kayne found himself on the losing team. Was this going to be the week that the tight bond between Robert and Kayne was broken? The partnerships of all partnerships so far was eerily close to a perilous demise.

But Robert Best stays!! And you know he’ll make up for this poor showing. Instead, Bonnie was gone. Goodbye Bonnie.

And most importantly, Kayne is still in it. Just a few more steps to go too.


3 Responses to “Kayne Watching: He’s Relentless! (spoiler)”

  1. sean said

    ahhh, you and your Kayne fixation. I love it. I love seeing the show from a Kayne-centric point of view. Clever!

  2. kaynefan said

    i went to a watching party at kayne’s house in norman, ok this week…he and his partner Warren are even more delightful and charming in person!

  3. cyn said

    I too am an obsessed PR fan, but my favorite was Keith until this episode. I loved his dresses, but snarly disposition with the dog show, weakened my support.

    I personally think Bonnie’s dress was better than Robert’s, but there has always been an evil force eliminating good while the evil remain. Zulema’s short bootie dress last season, YEE GADS.

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