Boston Tea Stop: Cambridge, MA

Posted by mmmshado on August 7, 2006

Time at Boston Tea Stop

First off, I have to laugh at myself for unknowingly writing the wrong date in the Moleskine. It happens when you feel disconnected from the world- which is what a yarn sale will do to you. Suddenly your brain fills up with all the projects you can now do that time seems rather inconsequential. Or that’s just fluff talk for me being too proud to ask…

The true date of this was on Saturday August 5th when I took an afternoon trip to Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA for some Boston Tea Stop bubble tea. Though I’ve been here before on several occasions, I’m always first taken by how well everything was planned out here. Think green! From the signs outside the shop, to the tables when you go in, and to the bubble tea finding its home in your hand, you’re surrounded with one terrific sense of branding and a sophisticated playfulness that Boston Tea Stop tries to give off.

The fun starts with all the choices in front of you when it’s time to order. Milk Tea, Slush, Snow, and Smoothies and also dumplings and Mochi. Though be forewarned, they’re almost always out of the Green Tea Mochi since I hear it’s THAT good. At this point I was feeling like a purist and wanted just straight up bubble tea- no twists. As you can see written in my journal, I went with a Pineapple Vanilla.

And that’s significant. Out of all the places I’ve been for bubble tea, I’ve never once had the opportunity to mix and match my own flavors. I’m sure the possibility is there at other establishments but to make a drink that’s completely personal to you fits into that realm of sophisticated playfulness that Boston Tea Stop conveys. To make it more difficult in the best way, they offer 22 tempting flavors in Infusion Milk Tea from Lemon to Lychee and Rose Flower to Chocolate.  

If that’s not exactly enough for you to decide in 5 minutes or less, feel free to choose between Lychee and Mango jelly or stick with some tasty Boba.

Finally, you’ve made your decision. Congratulations!

As mentioned before, the cups play an important role in Bubble Tea consumption and Boston Tea Stop shines here. A clever, polished, and balanced logo tops the seal of the cup and leaves the rest of the cup blank so that people walking by can admire the contents of your tea. What’s great about Boston and bubble tea is that it’s still not as popular as it could be so you will get looks from people wondering exactly what you’re drinking. So with your stunning cup, take your straw (again more choices!) and head outside.


There might be tables but don’t be deceived, Boston Tea Stop is not a place to sit and talk. The noise factor will irritate and actually detract from your bubble tea experience. The several times I have sat in Boston Tea Stop during the weekends have been brutal on my ear drums and concentration. However, those who don’t need a quiet ambiance to enjoy their tea will feel at home especially if they can secure a spot by the window to do some of the best people watching in the city.

Finally, a discussion on taste. Though the choices are plentiful, the quality isn’t as spectacular as it could be. I’m concerned that the taste is too sugary and too artificial for the modern urban dwelling Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s shopping taste buds. I see a split in the Bubble Tea community coming in the next few months or years where there’s a division between less choices and higher quality or more choices that sacrifice quality. But in fairness, the sugar rush you get from Boston Tea Stop aligns perfectly with the nature of bubble tea and its roots. It’s supposed to be fun, it’s supposed to be sugary, it’s supposed to be crazy. I think it’s all a matter of choice.

Boston Tea Spot. A destination for sophisticated playfulness, mind boggling choices, a sugar rush to boot, but not for those seeking a place to relax by any means.

Store Information:

Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 945-0017

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