SO toe up…

Posted by mmmshado on August 8, 2006

Look- it's a Toe!

Well, all my Turkish Cast on obsessing has finally come to fruition- I have my first sock toe ever. As of last night though, it is now gone to frog land. Even in the beginning I started making mistakes and ended up with a reverse stockinette toe- not supposed to happen. I know what all my mistakes were and was happy to rip it and start over again.

My biggest mistake? I think it was when I knit the wrong side of the magic loop stitches- that’s what set in the reverse stockinette toe with stockinette foot.

Then I realized I was using the absolute wrong needles. With magic loop, it really is necessary to break in the cord so that it loses its’ memory otherwise it’s going to be a pain to work with. I learned that in the not so fun way. But the yarn is so wonderful that I would be willing to make the needles work if they were all I had. Instead, I’m looking into the Classic Circulars from KnitPicks- I’ve heard that they’re pretty sharp and effective. I’ll just be sure to hold the cord over some steam and take out all the kinks in it.

I find this whole process interesting. I was able to separate myself from my knitting for once. Just because I had to frog a project doesn’t mean that my knitting is terrible or that I as a knitter don’t belong. EVERYONE frogs at one point or another. I looked at the project and wasn’t terribly happy with where it was going so I made a conscious adult decision to let it go. Surprisingly, it felt more cathartic than sad.

Do all knitters feel a sense of retrospect when working on projects? I know that this weekend when I start the sock again, I’ll be entering it with less doubt than I did the first time. The memory is there of how awkward the whole process felt and what I had to adjust along the way but this time I can concentrate on the joy that sock knitting can give instead of the terror that I had that I wouldn’t be able to do it. Each project that we do no matter what the result sets a tone for our future projects.

If a tone is set, it would seem that as a group, we really should focus on what was good about a certain project, what we learned from it, and how it shaped us in positive ways. I’m thinking of my friends who are experiencing the world for the first time now and learning what it really means to have a job and work in an office from 9-5. It’s not easy and your first job will almost always be your worst- it’s a process. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t find joy and happiness in that time of life. It all translates back to knitting and knitting translates back to life. I appreciate what the sock toe gave me this weekend- confidence that I really do understand Turkish Cast On and that the yarn I’m using is incredible (Regia Bamboo).

Until then, I find myself without a project that I’m aching to work on. But that too is ok.


3 Responses to “SO toe up…”

  1. Erica said

    I’m so jealous that you can even DO the toe-up method. I aspire…. đŸ™‚

  2. Joelene said

    I think a lot of the time I doubt myself, thinking I can’t learn this new skill. But I think that is the amazing thing about knitting, it is all a progression, on step to the next.

    I love you sock toe and the confidence it gave you. Welcome to the wonderful world of toe up socks, it is a very happy place to be:)

  3. Natalie said

    Congrats on the toe, even if it had to be frogged! But, what IS that yarn? I LOVE IT!

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