Kayne Watching: I’m Going To Embarrass Kayne!

Posted by mmmshado on August 24, 2006

Well not me personally, I don’t have any intentions of embarrassing our namesake in this entry. Nope. However, yet another episode of Project Runway has passed us by and still the entertainment flows from Mr. Kayne Gillaspie.

After last week’s poor showing on the runway (but amazing steps of recovery followed!), Kayne was beaming with an 8.9 size smile when Heidi was announcing the new challenge. A new day to impress the world and live this fantasy live of Project Runway. Forget wind power or hybrid cars, Kayne’s smile might be able to power an entire city for hours at a time. Where can I get my Kayne Generator?

The secret was out- the challenge for the everyday woman- and we got to meet the wonderful Judy Gillaspie. Yes, the mother of Kayne Gillaspie! As the mothers and sisters stepped onto the runway, I knew that the designers would not be able to design for their relative. Instead, the challenge should be to design for this complete stranger and really find a way to shine. Clearly this is where Kayne shines after impressing the pants off of us in the Miss USA challenge- sure Tara Conner is far from the everyday woman, but listening to a client and keeping true to yourself is something that Kayne excels at.

The choices were made and very appropriately Kayne picked Michael’s mom. I mean, hello! the only woman with rhinestones in the room and Kayne immediately gravitates towards them. I feel like it would be quite possible to set up a rhinestone helicopter pad on top of any location and Kayne will find his way there- dress form in hand of course. (I’m sure there’s many note to selfs going on here…)

Finally we get a party this season! Where have all the parties been? Yes this is serious design but where would we be without Dirty Dianas and Santino in heels? A brisk walk to Central Park where we clearly see how much of a Momma’s boy Kayne is takes us to Tavern On The Green to meet up with Michael Kors and his mom, Joan Kors. I felt the giddiness in my stomach arising since I just knew something was on the way.

I didn’t know it would be a 110 pound something! The rhinestone gloves were off, all darts barred. Yes my friends, it was time for


And I think it’s safe to say that Kayne mastered the art of awkward child and teenage photos. No hair dye, no form fitting jeans or shirts, and the craziest wool sweaters you’ve ever seen. Oh and the 110 pound dress form or piles of organza that he was stuffing into his clothes every morning… I’m wondering when “the change” happened. Somehow I think it had to be right before or during the FIT years. I can imagine that’s what New York City does to you. Boston makes you cold and distant- perhaps New York City makes you lose your inner fabric pile up?

I’m already imagining the book too- Life Lessons From Kayne Gillaspie: A Reflection on Glamour, Convertible Hair, and How To Lose The Weight You Hate.

And of course it brings me back to my created statement for Kayne

“You can change your dress, you can change yourself, or you can change your attitude. But honey, you’ve gotta change something!”

I’m sure many people will find this just as much of an inspiration as I have. Not everyone needs to lose weight or wants to but when you really make that step and see results, it’s admirable. Though it could be projection, I find that his weight loss perhaps wasn’t so much about the aesthetic (though it had a part) but it was letting go of a bad past and bad learned habits.

When working with Michael’s mom, we had one of the most telling statements about Kayne’s character.

“She’s not a size 2 or a size 10 but she’s beautiful.”

I hope more people listen to this. A talking Kayne mirror perhaps? Is that what it will take? Of course it will be a Kaynesicle Orange Glamorous Button that you put on your mirror and press when you’re feeling self conscious. I’m trying to think of some sample expressions- more to come.

The Everyday Women arrived into the work room for fittings and beyond Jeffrey making Angela’s mom cry, the drama was quite unpronounced. You would think that the mothers who raised these designers would have more Je Ne Sais Quoi or Tempestuousness?

But we did hear from the fantastic Judy about her worries of embarrassing Kayne. No offense Judy- but letting out Kayne’s deep dark secrets of weight past is paramount to A One Night in Paris viewing at a party. At least Judy and Kayne can appear on screen at the same time though…

I had one of those experiences where I was watching PR with someone new this week (A Kayne Watching convert of course) and she said that seeing Kayne smile before the runway was A Kodak Moment. I’m hearing endorsements (anything for more Kayne watching truth be told)

The giddiness I was feeling when Michael’s mom modeled that outfit subsided in lieu of the judge’s moderately scathing comments. I suppose layered colors doesn’t work for everybody but given my own mother’s aesthetic (albeit she would have wanted the whole outfit in purple), I thought Kayne designed something fun and age appropriate but still youthful. Luckily, Kayne was spared despite all this but

Buddy Robert is gone. Robert of course will be missed by us Kayne Watchers for the entertainment that he provided- the long walks on the beach… no.. I mean.. the long bitch sessions in the lunch room.

So where does Kayne’s behavior go from here? Was Robert a distraction to Kayne’s talent? Was friendship undermining the design process? Will Kayne’s convertible hair return?

and when will my order of 10,000 rhinestones for a helicopter pad arrive?


5 Responses to “Kayne Watching: I’m Going To Embarrass Kayne!”

  1. sean said

    Sometimes I think that these challenges are way too bizare. But, I guess that’s why it’s called a “challeng.” What a task. And aside from Uli none was all that specacular. Bless Robert…he was boring again. But I ask…since when is a Flying Nun hat OK to use as a colar? Vincent the winner? I protest!

  2. I have just recently been informed of this site and I love it! I am so glad that someone else can see how wonderful my brother is. I love your website and will check back every week to see what you write next about my adorable brother. Thanks so much for the website!!

  3. bronx girl said

    i LOVE kayne! he’s such a doll & his designs are so fabulous. i am certain he will make the final 3! how can the world continue to turn without a kayne gillaspie runway show at fashion week??

  4. mark perdue said

    just received the dog show dress that I purchased that Kayne made. Absolutely beautiful. What was missed on the show is how great the jacket is. My wife modeled the jacket extensively. It is very chic with an imitation gator look and pink sewing (also has a rhinstone zipper). Anyway, the dress was beautifully made. I was much more impressed seeing it in person.

  5. Tara said

    I just wanted to say that I LOVE Kayne and his clothes!!! I had the wonderful opportunity to meet him on my last trip to OKC and he is just as fabulous in person as he is on TV. One of the nicest guys I have ever had the pleasure to meet!!!

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