Kayne Watching: Not A Recap

Posted by mmmshado on September 4, 2006

I bet you thought there would be no Kayne Watching this week. That’s ok. Up until a few minutes ago I didn’t think there would be one either. I’m human- I was so worried during this episode that it would be Kayne’s final one. I’m a hopeless optimist though and it at least got me through the episode. But now it’s time to be serious.

It’s getting close Kayne Watchers- to where we either have to say goodbye or prepare ourselves for a runway show for the ages. There’s something to hold onto- namely Jay and Santino. I think about some of the items that both Jay and Santino sent down the runway in their respective seasons and perhaps Kayne is now a card carrying member of that organization. Sure he doesn’t get schmaltzy with the judges but he knows how to impress- something that both Jay and Santino were capable of.

I guess it comes down to the one pivotal producer question. Does Kayne make good tv? Absolutely!!! Kayne Watching wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for the wonderful world of Kayne and his Kaynesicle Orange hair.

But I also have to be real. What if this is the week of weeks? The judges made it very clear that he is in jeopardy. Wednesday night has so much riding on it- I can taste it. We can hope for a self destruction of other designers at this point or we can hope for Kayne to put out his best work yet- and I think either situation is possible at this point.

Kayne in Paris by the way? I’m beginning to wonder what the French must have thought of his hair. I’m sure they could come up with a very appropriate name for his coiffure. Kayne De L’Orange… Creme de la Kayne… Chaud Chaud Kayne avec Creme de l’orange. Oui?

If Santino can get a runway show, there’s no doubt in my mind that Kayne can get one too. No one is safe at this point.

I wonder what others are thinking as they watch this. Is Kayne’s talent as apparent to others as it is to me? What I enjoyed most about this episode is that as his garment was coming together, you could tell it was him. Kayne sticks out- it’s a reality. He’s not afraid to step into the spotlight every once in a while and shine. He knows what he’s doing but it doesn’t seem to be in the taste of the judges- and in the reality of the world, who are they?

Ok ok- I’ll also admit that Kayne’s ass pants were a highlight of the show too. I only wish I knew how to make custom pants for myself like that. He worked them and that Versace print right down the runway.

He ain’t no Liberace- he’s Kayne Gillaspie and he’s coming to a white tent near you.


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