Phoenix Knitting

Posted by mmmshado on September 25, 2006

It’s a well known fact among the people who know me that I don’t have much “sticktoitiveness.” I tried sewing and then a week later sold my sewing machine. I changed my major at least 20 times (and the way it looks possibly 20 times more). I went to the gym every day for a week and now haven’t been in months. But when it comes to knitting, I just keep on plugging away. 2 weeks ago I came up with nothing short but a disaster of a sock. Huge gaping holes in the short row heel. Now I find myself with a perfectly unholy heel but huge gaps in the join from heel to instep for the foot.

 Well, as always, misocrafty comes to the rescue. She gave me an idea for that which I will promptly be fixing. Surprisingly enough, I’m sticking with something and planning on putting as much effort needed into getting one (at least) complete and wearable sock. I feel that each failure I make with these socks is making me a better knitter. I’m arising from my mistakes and making positives out of them.

 So now as I sit here waiting for system updates at work, all I can think is “Yeah, that’s right, I’m updating and don’t care what anyone thinks” Why such a strange attitude? It’s this perfection kick I always want to have. Sometimes I want every word in a post (or every stitch in a sock) to be absolutely perfect but then of course I realize there’s nothing to learn in a situation like that.  Here’s an example of imperfection of mine:


The world of dishcloth knitting has really sucked me in. I’m in a KAL and everything. Yesterday I wasn’t feeling in the mood to work major overtime or go to the Boston Knit Out so I decided to catch up on watching my Netflix (a budget knitter’s best friend) DVD of Jewel In The Crown and come up with this contraption. I’ve never done cables before and that had to stop. I flipped to the cables section of my Harmony stitch guide and picked out an easy enough looking cable. I did the math and figured out that I could fit 3 cables over the amount of stitches I had. I thought how wonderful- I’ll do a different slanting one in the middle to give it some visual interest. Instead, I have accidental ruffles, texture that resembles more like alien skin than a dishcloth and only what seems a shadow of good cabling. Clearly much needs to be done.

The system’s back up again- time to take a small break from the knitting world.


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